Collection of dispatches and letters from officials in Zamboanga, with inventories of military stores

Philippine Islands. Mindanao.

Collection of 77 pieces, including dispatches and letters signed by the governors and officials at Zamboanga, in Mindanao, to the Governor-General of the Philippines, together with inventories of military stores, munitions, supplies, garrison-states and returns, correspondence with Sultan of Jolo, etc., comprising some 203 leaves, including blanks.

Folio, boards. 1 vol., 1721-28.

This collection of original papers and contemporary transcripts is clearly of great importance for the history of the Spanish outpost at Zamboanga, Mindanao, in the years 1721-26. At fls.64 and 102 original letters in Arabic from the Sultan of Jolo, and at fl.130 one in Spanish with Arabic seal. Binding is weal, and these valuable papers should be rebound or placed in a box or slip-case.